Sunday, May 10, 2009

Big Sur Marathon

Last year I signed up for the Big Sur marathon but the Wednesday before I got some god awful stomach flu.  3 days later, I was still sick so I didn't run the marathon.  This year when Robert said we need to put a marathon on the calendar, I suggested Big Sur.  It is ranked the #1 most beautiful marathon by runner's world!  
My blister was starting to heal nicely after Diablo.  I ended up with  a really sore right quad muscle.  I think it was because I was compensating for my blister and  sore left ankle.  I had a massage on Wednesday and it felt 100% better.  
I talked Anita into running it also so the three of us left Saturday to head to Monterey.

The forecast was supposed to be cold and windy.  We awoke in the middle of the night to catch the shuttle bus.  We made it just in time for the last bus and the hour drive to the marathon start.  We arrived at the "runners village" and there were people everywhere.  We made it to the porta-potty and then headed to our spot.  Robert and I got behind the 3:50 group.  The weather was beautiful.

The first 5 miles run through a wooded section that was beautiful.  It is mostly downhill and you warmed up pretty quickly.  I took off my tivek jacket and tied it around my waste.  A woman at the expo said, when you hit the ocean, it can get cold so hold onto the jacket for awhile.  Smart woman!   We hit the ocean (and the wind).  It was really gusty.  The course is also pretty hilly.  As I was making my way up a hill, I saw a runner in front of me.  His gait was familiar and it was Howard Wood, whom I met at the Tahoe Triple several years ago.  I have also run into him at several PCTR runs and he ran Diablo 50 miler the week before also.  He is quite a runner.  We ran together for some time braving the wind and hills.  He lives in Santa Cruz so he decided to make it a long day.  He drove to the finish (at 2:30 am) and ran to the start and then ran to the finish.  Crazy!  He is in training for Big Horn 100 mile in Wyoming.

The views of the ocean were gorgeous:

We started up the hill to Hurricane point.  It is a pretty steep hill between miles 10 and 12.  It was great to get to the top.  My legs were pretty sore but I managed to power through it.  Surprisingly, my quad was feeling pretty good. 

Here is the infamous Bixby Bridge:

And the amazing piano man, Michael Martinez.

They had some interesting bands and music along the course.

The finish line is in Carmel at the middle school.  I crossed the finish line in 3:50 feeling pretty good.  I'm glad I saved my jacket because it was chilly at the finish. 
 Robert finished in 4:49 and Anita right behind him in 4:52.  
I would definitely do that marathon again.  It is beautiful!!

Run fun....