Monday, October 26, 2009

Grape Stomp

Last weekend I ran into Barb Elia at the park and she said she was going to sign up for the Grape Stomp in Livermore so I decided to sign up also. It's in Robertson park along a bike path with a stream on one side and vineyards on the other. It's been awhile since I've run in that park but there are no longer any vineyards, they are houses! We started off at 8a. My goal was 1:44 or less which I thought it was doable. It was an out and back course with a small amount of trail but mostly paved bike path. I felt pretty good. I only used my 10 and 1 watch because my garmin's broke so I had no idea of my pace. I just put my music on and ran. At the turn around there were two women in front of me. I could see the second place girl and she was within reach. I passed her at about mile 6 1/2 then took a short walk break and she passed me. We did this one more time and at mile 11 I ran. I knew she was close behind but I didn't want to look. At the dirt path I knew there was only a half mile left. I came across the finish line in 1:38:16!!! I'm so excited with my time. That's a 5 minute PR for me. I got some nice sway for finishing second - a nice bottle of wine, a running bottle, a plaque and another string shoe bag. (I have quite a collection of these now....)
Barb ran a 2:21. She placed second in the 60-65 age group.

Run fun......

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