Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Year Running

The focus of my running this year was Western States.  After my disasterous year in 2007, 2008 was to be my year of redemption.  Not to be...
I didn't run as many races this year as I did in 2007.  I didn't feel in as good as shape as last year plus I had this nagging left heel/achilles pain.  After two weekends of back to back 100k"s, my achilles was letting me know it was done.  From May 12th on, my mileage dropped, averaging only 50 mpw (much lower compared to the 70 mpw in 2007).  I was worried about completing WS.  Would my achilles hold up?  I had an MRI 2 weeks before WS.  The diagnosis was: Mild achilles Tendonitis.  Geez, only mild.  I couldn't even imagine what moderate or severe must have felt like.  I took 9 days off before WS, hoping this would be enough time to let the inflammation subside.  When the shock of the news came:  WESTERN STATES CANCELLED, I had mixed feelings of relief and sadness.
We went up to Squaw Valley anyway.  We already had reservations so Roos and I used it as a mini vacation.  It was very relaxing compared to the year before!

Here is the top of the tram at Squaw Valley in 2007!

Here is the tram at the top of Squaw Valley in 2008.  Very smoky!!

My orthopedist prescribed rest, Physical therapy and anti-inflammatories.  I took 33 days off then started back running very slowly.  I wasn't exactly painfree but it was MUCH IMPROVED.
I have been averaging about 40-45 mpw with good results.  Last weekend, I completed Redwood Park 50K and my achilles felt great.
My goal is to stay healthy.  I will slowly continue to build up my mileage for the rest of the year then put the training hammer down in December.  
I need to work on endurance and speed (they seem to still be on the rest my orthopedist prescribed)!
I do have some up coming running plans:
  • Pacing at Rio Del Lago
  • San Jose rock n roll half marathon
  • Nike Women's Marathon
  • San Antonio rock n roll marathon
I am contemplating the SF one day and Dick Collins Fire trails 50 but I am afraid to overdo it and get re-injured.  We'll see how the other events go.
Run Fun......

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