Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This weekend I will be pacing at Rio Del Lago.  I am pacing my friend Scott. (pictured on the left).  These photos were taken last year at Headlands 50/100.  Clare and Scott (pictured below) are running Rio Del Lago and it will be there very first 100 miler.  I am really looking forward to running the last 33 miles with Scott.  
Several of the ShadowChase club members and many of the Runner's World forumites will be running also.  I plan on going to Auburn Dam Overlook to cheer the runner's on as they pass through then head to Cavitt school where I'll meet Scott.   
I will post later about our adventure and will include lots of photos.
Happy Trails!!

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Ben said...


Great Blog. Now if only I can get your Mother to take time to look at it...

Hope your foot heals soom so you can again "run like the wind".