Sunday, November 2, 2008


My daughter in law, Sarah sent me a post from her friend Emily who also ran the Nike women's marathon.  This was Emily's first marathon and her post was her recap of the event.  The post started out talking about the marathon and her friend running the last 6 miles with her and then she starts talking about a book she read called the, Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintanence.  She goes on to compare the book to running.  After I read the post I thought about it off and on for the day and realized, we all are unique and each person's perspective of running is so different.  We all run for different reasons and what we see, smell, hear, and feel when we run, is also unique.  This is Emily's comparison.  Read and enjoy:

"i would argue that actually runners are those who really take in the pace of life.  who run long; who experience the elements; who know the roads; and who really feel the terrain of the ground on which they run, and without any buffers making their experience more “comfortable”.   in fact, safety and comfort do not seem to be part of the language of running.  

i suppose i speak of this in contrast to the car, with all of its shock absorbers and air conditioning that mask any element that may seem to intrude on the comfort of the rider.  

and i suppose what i have learned is that there are those that value such a ride, and…that i am not one of them."

Run fun....

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