Saturday, November 22, 2008

Super Six

This year, Anita, Andy and myself completed all six of the Rock n Roll events sponsered by Competition (formerly elite racing). They consisted of:  Arizona Rock n Roll marathon,  Nashville Rock n Roll marathon, San Diego Rock n Roll marathon, Virginia Beach Rock n Roll half marathon, San Jose Rock n Roll half marathon and San Antonio Rock n Roll marathon.  
Prior to the start of the San Antonio marathon, we received an email that stated their was a "special gift" for us at the Rock n Roll booth at the expo.  Well imagine my surprise when we received the blue cape with the Super Six logo.  What were these people thinking?  Why not give us a nice dry fit shirt with the logo that people actually might wear?
Of course, the participation survey only allows you 100 words to make your comments and I was only half way done complaining when I hit 100 words....

Up next, my San Antonio race report.

Run Fun......

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