Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Last Friday, I went to Auburn to run with Jeffrey, Trish, Chuck, Anthony and Bill.  We ran from Auburn Dam Overlook to Cool and back, approx. 14-15 miles.  The run included K2. 
 The weather was great!!  I was a little overdressed at the start because I wore pants and I should have worn shorts, oh well (thinking heat training!).
I felt pretty good, but you would think I'd never been on a trail before in my life.  I was slow on the down hills and walked most of the ups.  Wimp....
For a few nights before this, I have been waking up with my thumb throbbing in the middle of the night, stagger to the bathroom, take some Motrin and hope for sleep. When I got home from the run, I soaked my thumb.  After my shower, I began poking around some and man some gross green pus came out (hopefully, no visuals from that description).  I called my doc, went in and sure enough, I have an infection under my thumb nail.  So I got to thinking, I am going to blame my wimpiness on my infection. 
Because of my performance on Friday, I am contempling signing up for the 33K instead of the 50K this weekend at Pacifca.  Our running club banquet is that night and I don't want to be late.  Pacifica is tough and the 50K may take me, gulp, close to 7 hours.  What to do???

Run fun....

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