Monday, January 26, 2009


This last week, I wasn't going to get many training days in because I was scheduled to work four 12 hour shifts.  So, I figured I better make those days of training, quality runs.  On Monday I decided to drive to Castro Valley and run the trails at Lake Chabot.  I love the trail that runs around the lake.  It is beautiful.  It has some nice ups and downs and awesome single track.  This picture is of the bridge after you get off the cement pathway.

I decided to follow the bike path for a few miles and then turn around and take the trail around the lake.  The trail around the lake is only 8-9 miles and I wanted to get in around 15 miles.  I stayed on the Brandon Trail and took this photo at the top of the hill.  A great day!
It turned out to be a nice run.  
On Tuesday I talked Robert into going to Peoria flats to run the HILLY loop.  We did the loop three times; 2 clockwise and 1 counter clockwise.  That hill is a b***ch but awesome climbing and good downhill training for the quads.  
I planned on taking off Wednesday and then running Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning.  The only problem with running those mornings is I have to get up at 4 a.  to get a run in before starting work at 6:30 a.  I managed to do it once.  The other days, it was dark, raining and my pillow needed me!!
I finished up the week with a group run at Dry Creek park for a total of 11 miles.  I managed a 8:16 pace, so sort of a tempo run.  
This coming weekend is the Surf City marathon in Huntington beach.  My goal is 3:45.  It looks like the weather is supposed to be a high of 79 degrees on Sunday.  A little warm for running but should be a great family weekend.

Run Fun....

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