Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Vacation

This week my son is home from school because of spring break.  As I was on my hands and knees mopping the floor on Monday, I thought how awful this is that I have to do housework while my husband gets to do all the "fun stuff" with Connor.  So Tuesday, Connor and I packed up our bikes and headed to the American River bike trail. 
We arrived around 12:30 and hit the trail at Howe Avenue.   It was a very windy day but the trail was pretty much deserted.

We started out nice and slow.  I was just out there two weeks ago but when I was running, I never realized the things around me.  I saw signs I'd never seen before.  There were tons of dirt trails around us so we decided to take a dirt trail.  Connor was leading and we had quite an adventure.

On our ride, we counted 16 squirrels, one rabbit and lots of ducks.  We stopped at a fishing pier and checked out the ducks and geese. 

I have never noticed the Mountain Lions signs before or the number of wonderful parks and playgrounds along the trail.  We stopped and played at a playground and finally turned around about 8 miles out.  
We stopped to have a snack and I snapped this picture of Connor eating fruit snacks.  

OK, not the best picture.  I decided to take another:

OK, again, not the best picture.  Special needs - helmet and all???
Finally, I got a nice picture.

We ended up riding about 16 miles.  We had alot of fun.  It was nice to look at the bike trail from a different perspective.  It's sad to realize I don't really notice alot of things around me when I'm running.  I always thought the bike trail was kind of boring but on Tuesday, I noticed it's beautiful.  I just need to look around....

Run fun....

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