Tuesday, December 23, 2008

North Face volunteer report

On December 6th, Connor, Roos and I volunteered at the North Face 50K/50 Mile Championship endurance run.  The race starts at Rodeo Beach and follows some of the Miwok course and some of the Dipsea course and then finishes up back at Rodeo Beach.  
We worked at the Old Inn aid station at Muir Woods.  The aid station is mile 19 for the 50K and mile 36 for the 50 mile.  
The weather was absolutely beautiful!  My job was to check the 50 mile runners as they entered the aid station.  Roos' job was accelerade/water server.  Connor of course, just played and entertained himself while eating lots of M&M's.  It was great to see so many foreign and elite competitors.  Matt Carpenter won the 50 mile with a time of 6:49.  That's a 8:12 pace on a course with 19,000+ elevation gain.  Amazing!
It was embarassing as they day went on, we ran out of chips, brownies, Gu's, jelly, coke, and sprite.  We didn't have any heating elements, so we had to serve up cold chicken broth.  I was glad I brought my bag because I had electrolytes and ginger with me for those runner's in need.
We did have plenty of accelerade, water, ice and fruit though and I am hoping next year, they will have better stocked aid stations.
This does look like a very challenging run, I might consider running the 50 mile next year.  

Run Fun.. 

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