Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Turkey Trot

The pre-registration table and the chilly volunteers!

On Thanksgiving Day, our local junior college puts on a mile and 5K.  This year I volunteered to help.  It is a big event for our running club because we do the timing, monitoring the course, and registration.  This year there were over 1400 participants.
It was very cold when we arrived and I set out to work the pre-registration table.  They offer early packet pick up at the junior college, so many take advantage of that but pre-reg is still a happening place.  Unfortunately, they didn't order enough L and XL shirts, so we ran out very quickly.  
Connor and his friend, Charlie did the mile and 5K while Roos walked the 5K.  It is a great family event and it was our 3rd year in a row.  
After the pre-registration table, I went to help at the finish line shoot.  It is amazing how many out-of-shape MEN get out there and give it there all only to come in to the finish line drooling or nearly up-chucking.  Not a pretty sight!  
We didn't stay for the awards because I had to go in to work. 
Of course, we'll  do this event next year - what's better than running and then stuffing your self later with turkey and all the trimmings... 

Run Fun... 

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