Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ok, so I posted I love my new Adrenalines.  Well, I seem to have an issue with the "new" version 9. When I tried on the new version, I only tried on the right shoe.  Seems silly not to try on both, I bet your thinking, but I've never had a problem with the 8 version.  I could put them on and run a marathon in a brand new pair without so much as a blister.  
So, I put on my new 9 and went for a 10 mile run.  The shoe bothered my left achilles, so much in fact, it was sore for several days after.  I've have just rehabed my achilles and am a little worried about a shoe that bothers it.  So, I took it back.  I went to Fleet feet in Stockton and they exchanged it.  They are fabulous there.  Even though I ran 16 miles in them, they still exchanged them. It seems that the heel back sits higher than the version 8 and rubs on my achilles.  
 I tried on some other stability shoes and decided to go with the Brooks Trance.

I have my fingers crossed that they won't bother my achilles and yes, I did try on both shoes and ran around the store and they felt good.  I'll have to go for a run in them tommorrow.  Of course, if it's raining, I may wait.  I don't want to get them dirty!!

Run Fun....

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